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Welcome to the page of EASPop, the English and American Studies Popular Culture Research Group at Eötvös Loránd University. This research group focuses on popular culture from an academic point of view.

Our topics are wide and varied, from science fiction literature, Shakespeare in our day, photography, through political satire, fairy tales, and comic books.

There is always room for more topics, popular culture is endless and forever changing!

Stay tuned for more information about our meeting times and special events.

Conference 2020 / Konferencia 2020

The first conference of the research group was held on October 27-28 through the online platform of MS Teams. We would like to thank the participants, both presenters and the audience, as well as the invited guest speakers for attending. This was just the first of many! / A kutatócsoport első konferenciáját október 27-28-án tartottuk az MS Teams online felületén. Ezúton szeretnénk köszönetet mondani az előadóknak és a közönségnek, valamint a meghívott vendégelőadóknak a részvételért.

“Pop is about speaking everybody’s language. The imagery and iconography we instantly recognize. When you can rely on things that the public already knows, you’re dealing with Pop.”

Nuno Roque

Research Group / Kutató Csoport

Our research group was founded in the autumn semester of 2017, and we have been working relentlessly ever since. / Kutató csoportunk 2017 őszi félévében született, és azóta is kitartótan dolgozunk.

Plans for the future/ Terveink a jövőben

Following our first conference, we plan to put together a collection of publications. /
Az első konferenciánkat követően kiadványgyűjtemény összeállítását tervezzük.

Follow Us / Kövess minket

Look up our official facebook page at / Kövesd hivatalos facebook oldalunkat: https://www.facebook.com/EASPop/

Get in Touch / Keress fel minket

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